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Rescue Kit

S.O.S. I’m drowning.

I need a rescue kit.

Our world is crazy and moving backward.

Can the world just stop spinning, please?

Can we please just take a break from the chaos?

Can I please just pretend that we all agree and are like-minded?

Can things pleeeeeeease just be normal again?

My mental strength to choose Truth is tired.

I am getting disillusioned that the power of this world
is louder than the power of the Creator.

I’m waking up grumpy.

I’m feeling defeated before my feet even hit the floor.


I’m listening to the wrong voice again.

I’m tuned into the wrong station.

I’m wearing the wrong lenses.

Lord, I need a rescue kit.

For quite a while I have been wanting to make a go-to resource/rescue kit
that would help me quickly refocus on God and get my mind off my

I knew I wanted to put together a collection of scripture that
was full of verses that praised God and lifted Him up.

In the past, I have noticed that focusing on how amazing God is really changes my perspective.

I have noticed that singing to Him
really changes my thought process as well.

So, I spent many hours making a resource we can all enjoy.
It is a 12-page download of selected Bible passages that lift God up and
give Him glory and praise.  Some passages from Job would have fit well here too!
I included a few hymns as well, that you can sing to Him.

Struggling with a burden? Have a heavy spirit?
Spending time praising God is a great way to overhaul your perspective.
Download this “Rescue Kit” of praise to change your mood and lift your burden.

You can download it to your phone so you always have it when you need
a lift, or if you need an “attitude” overhaul. Praising God tends to do that!

I can already tell that I will make several of these “collections” depending on what
prescription of God’s Word I need at the time.

My purpose is to have a collection of passages already set apart to go to quickly
when I need a lift in my spirit or and change in my perspective.

You could easily just jot down several passages that minister to you, so that when you
need them, your list is right there for you.

Planning your scripture when you are stable
and not in a crisis will help you to be
ready with specific scripture support when
the trial comes and you can’t think straight!

It’s like a weapon (sword) that you have ready when that “sudden fear” God talks about comes your way.

Be not afraid of sudden fear,
neither of the desolation of the wicked,
when it cometh.

For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and
shall keep thy foot from being taken.
Proverbs 3:25-26

​I have displayed all of the pages of the guide here.
If you would like to download your own copy, just click Comfort, Worship, and Praise Download.
No need to even enter your email!

I was able to use my photos from my trip to beautiful Samara, Costa Rica to make this for you.
There are a few pictures from La Jolla, California as well.



Again, if you would like your own PDF file of this resource,
just click Comfort, Worship, and Praise Download.